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Bacon, Frances. Our Educational Heritage: The Past is Prologue to the Future. New York, York College Office of Publications. Copies of DICTA (Vol. 3)

The history of the Education.


Admin. “Chinese Parenting Styles” Web. 20 July, 2009.

In this article by Admin, she out out some major parenting styles Chinese people have. The similarities to many other races, the parenting style of most Chinese families is greatly influenced by traditions and cultural values.


Admin. “Making sense of Chinese parenting belief.” Web. 20 July, 2009.

This article talks about why do Chinese parents do what they do. Where are their parenting strategies came from and how Chinese have strong cultural traditions in almost every aspect of life.


Admin. “Chinese Mothers, American Kids and the Chinese Parenting Controversy.” Web. 1 Feb. 2011.

This article involve some quotes and comments in response to the the book “The Battle Hymn of Tiger Mother”.  Where Amy expressed the her concerns of many negative effects towards Chinese parenting and what the American parents think about Amy’s strategy, the advantages and disadvantages.

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#1 Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

Chua, Amy. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. London: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. 2011. Print.

This is a book Amy Chua telling the world what is it like to raise her children as a strict, traditional Chinese mother. This piece was very controversial and a exceprt was published in Wall Street Journal in 2010. Many believed that Chua was promoting the “superiority” parenting, however the book is not a “how-to” manual. It is simply a memoir of her family. Chua uses “Chinese mother” but she is referring to all ethnicities who practices this kind of strict parenting style. “She also reported that in one study of 48 Chinese immigrant mothers,Chua contrasts them with the view she labels “Western”—that a child’s self-esteem is paramount.”

#2 Culturally diverse parent-child an family relationships

Webb, B. Nancy. Culturally Diverse Parent-child and Family Relationships. New York: Columbia University Press. 2001. Print.

This is a guide for social workers to understand the education relationships among different background. Since my subject is Chinese and American, I am using the chapter where it studies “Parenting in Chinese American families”. It’s got case studies of different families. It researched about the demographic factor, degree of Acculturation of the family and of adherence to Chinese Value, patterns of Chinese American parenting and the roles of parents in the house. Basically, it talks about what Chinese parenting style is like, what are they trying to keep and what new are they bring into the family living in America.

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Research Paper Proposal

Topic: Different focus point parents teach their kids-American’s freedom of choice compare to Chinese’s dedication of hard-work

Purpose: I hope to research on the different ways parents in both America and China teach their children. What are both routines like, the similarities and distinctions. What is the advantages and disadvantages in both systems. Would the Chinese system work in American society? Or what are some key concepts of Chinese parenting American should consume from and what should the China adapt from America?

Writer: What got me interested in the topic is I am a Chinese international student studying abroad in the US. So I know how is it like to adjust to the American education system. What I grow up with and what new experiences I am having here in the state. The world stereotype Asian students as very academic and good at math because of the strict education guidelines and I am very interested in finding sources about different parenting styles in both America and China. What do people really think about the differences. Although my parents always talk about how I should study hard and such, they not the typical kind who would force the kids to study day and night to get perfect scores. Which led to my mediocre grades and lazy study habit. However, I gained so much confidence here in American I would never have if I were to stay in China. I would never come this far in life if I were only respected based on good grades on papers.

Audience: I would say apart from my peers, I expect educators from all over to be my audience and really listen to what I have to say about it and get some ideas out if it.

Work claim: My work claim will about instead of aiming for superficial success, aim for quality of life. Chinese parents should come to a understanding of there are more to life than good paying jobs. chinese shold adapt from Ame education.

Three supporting argument: (good if adapt)

#1 Would grow good studying habits in life

#2 Beyond the boring studying phases, would be very well-rounded and receive great knowledge

#3 Success in life at a satisfying level(mostly finically successful/fame)

Three counterarguments: (critial things, bad about ame edu.)

#1 There’s no such thing as free time and relaxation, but to work hard to climb the social ladder. 

#2 Chinese education system left few space for creativity and exploration

#3 There’s more to pursue in life than finically secure, fame and success in work the final goal in life.

What types of evidence: *Statistics of jobs Asian&American pursue, *Expert testimony of culture studies about this education system gap, * Interviews of Asian American with immigrate parents(), *Facts of how two systems are like, etc…

Three possible research questions:

#1 What are the purposes two countries’ parenting try to accomplish?

#2 How to critically analysis the pros and cons of each sides, be balanced?

#3 How to insure sources are from legitimate origins?image

Critical Analysis Proposal

What I will be developing my critical analysis on is a book called Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, she wrote a modernized version of Hosea’s story in the Holy Bible. The fiction started under the setting of Gold Rush in 1850 and along with the greed and lust during that period. Angel was sold into prostitute when she was a child and she learned to trust no men. Hosea is told by God to marry Angel and he finally earned her trust in the end. The chapter of Hosea in the Bible is plain narrative rather than vivacious description Francine Rivers created. The Redeeming Love version of the chapter of Hosea is more attractive and it is a very well-written remix. Reading the bible might be very boring sometime and not a lot of people have read every single page in the Bible. Her book stimulated many people’s interests to reinvestigate the Bible on a deeper level. I guess my argument and thesis about this remixed work will be something like when Bible was first put together in the sixteenth century, it derived into many different versions. Although it is important to respect the original and its accuracy, remixed fictions based on the stories in the Bible is a very good illustration of it and Francine River’s book remixing the Bible is not plagiarizing but actually a advertisement of Christianity and love.

What I expect to get out of this analysis is that read back into Francine Rivers’ version of Hosea and in the Bible. Compare how the words are phrased differently and why Francine’s book is a good explanation relating to the chapter of Hosea in our world right now. How it applies to us and easier to relate to than in the Bible. I mean of course Redeeming love is a religious fiction and it’s set to a completely different time zone. But are why people buying her book on top of reading it off the Bible is something I want to investigate in. What rhetorical form did she use in her fiction and her writing style. Her interoperation of the chapter of Hosea. I would like to find some parallel and similarities between two works and the differentiations. What were Francine’s inspiration, passion and motivation provoked her to wrote the book might help with my understanding of the book and able to analysis the remixed work better, too.

Is this original or illegal copy?

Is this original or illegal copy?

Wonderland – The Ghost Theme Park of China revisited

Wonderland – The Ghost Theme Park of China revisited Posted on December 13, 2011 by John Frost 8tweetsretweet imageNestled outside of Beijing, China sits what was supposed to be one of the regions best theme parks – Wonderland Amusement Park. I first wrote about the Magic Kingdom Ghost Park back in August but it’s getting some attention again with a new story from Reuters.

Situated on an area of around 100 acres, and 45 minutes drive from the center of Beijing, are the ruins of ‘Wonderland’. Construction stopped more than a decade ago, with developers promoting it as ‘the largest amusement park in Asia’. Funds were withdrawn due to disagreements over property prices with the local government and farmers. So what is left are the skeletal remains of a palace, a castle, and the steel beams of what could have been an indoor playground in the middle of a corn field.

According to Reuters, it’s a sign of a decaying property bubble in China. Apparently it popped 10 years ago and no one noticed. With Disney building its own new Magic Kingdom outside Shanghai, you have to wonder about Shanghai Disneyland’s prospects for success if the Chinese bubble does finally collapse.

Beyonce Argument


“Clearly, the ballet ‘Rosas danst Rosas’ was one of many references for my video ‘Countdown.’ It was one of the inspirations used to bring the feel and look of the song to life.”  Artists use other works as inspiration to prove and create their own work, without harming the original work.  Once a work has inspired new work, the new work should be viewed as something independent.